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Previous productions:

Five Short Plays 
by Stuart Sherman

The Increased Difficulty 
of Concentration (Vaclav Havel)

Featuring the rock song cycle
Songs for Vaclav Havel

The Leader (Eugene Ionesco)
Improvisation (Eugene Ionesco)
Eddie Goes to Poetry City Part 1 (Richard Foreman)
How Tight You Hold Me/Verbal Hands
(Richard Foreman texts assembled by Yolanda Hawkins)
Dark Pocket (Jim Neu)
The Wrong Mistake (Jim Neu)
Situation Room (Jim Neu)
The Optimismo Lounge (Jim Neu)
Chance's Place (Jim Neu)
An Evening With Jesse James (Jim Neu)
The Chaplin Acts (William Niederkorn)
Young Eisenstein (William Niederkorn)
Peter & Noel and Noel & Gertie (William Niederkorn)
Women of Steel (Yolanda Hawkins)
Two Nietzsches in Love (William Niederkorn)
Night With No Name (Yolanda Hawkins) 
An Antidote to "Parsifal" (William Niederkorn)
I Was a Teenage Marlene (Yolanda Hawkins)
The Further Adventures of Joan of Arc (William Niederkorn)