The manager of a brewery is having a talk with Vanek, a young intellectual who is assigned to work for him. All he wants is a little cooperation. The brewery's motto, posted on the wall behind his desk, is "Life is easy where brewers are busy."




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Songs for Vaclav Havel




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Hey There, Buddy! (Theme for "Audience")



Hey there, buddy!

Let's take a break and talk like a couple of regular guys.

Hey there, buddy!

It's true that I'm the boss, but I can sympathize.


We need teamwork.

In the good old days this place was really out of sight.

Here's to teamwork.

As long as we hang in together we'll be all right.


Let's sit here and have a drink.

Tell each other what we think.

Life is easy (never fear)

Where brewers are busy (drinking beer).


Hey there, buddy!

I like to be of help to people, as you see.

Hey there, buddy!

You wouldn't have this job if it were not for me.

We're all in the same damn boat,

So let's try to stay afloat.

Everything will be just fine.

I'll scratch your back; you scratch mine.